CT Participates in Democracy Reporting International Workshop in Tunis

On 2 May 2013, Constitutional Transitions’ Faculty Director Sujit Choudhry participated as an international expert in a one-day workshop, “Democracy Assessment of Constitutions,” organized by Democracy Reporting International (DRI). The workshop took place in Tunis, Tunisia. The purpose of the workshop was to determine whether there are international law standards ‑ either in hard or soft law ‑ that […]

CT Director Addresses International Conference on an International Constitutional Court

On 3 May 2013, Constitutional Transitions’ Faculty Director Sujit Choudhry gave a plenary address at an international conference on the establishment of an International Constitutional Court. The conference was convened by Moncef Marzouki, President of the Republic of Tunisia. Creating such a court is an initiative of the Tunisian Presidency. The proposed court would serve […]

CT & IDEA Publish “Consolidating the Arab Spring” Working Paper Series

In June 2013, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and Constitutional Transitions published the Consolidating the Arab Spring Working Paper Series, as a response to the imperative for targeted expertise in support of constitution building in the wake of the Arab Spring. Each paper addresses a specific question of constitutional design. The […]

31 May 2013: Sujit Choudhry and CT Clinic Featured in New York Law Journal Q&A

This article was first published on 31 May 2013 in the New York Law Journal. The original is available here. Sujit Choudhry last month returned from a trip to Tunisia with 16 members of the recently established Constitutional Transitions Clinic at New York University School of Law, which he directs. Tunisian protesters triggered the ‘Arab […]

1 May 2013: Andrew March Explores Divine and Popular Sovereignty in the Arab Spring

On 1 May 2013, Professor Andrew March presented his draft article, A Caliphate of Man? Divine and Popular Sovereignty in Islamist Political Theology, at the Constitutional Transitions Colloquium. March is Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale University. March’s article, part of a larger book project, provides a historical and conceptual background to certain contemporary […]