This project concerns the issues arising from territorially concentrated, politically salient, collective demands for constitutional accommodation in contexts of constitutional transition. It examines the experiences of a significant number of countries that have had to deal with pressures for territorial autonomy as part of attempted or successful constitutional transitions (and sometimes a broader set of issues simultaneously).

While there are substantial literatures on the political mobilization of interests and identities during constitutional transitions and how they shape constitutional agendas; the processes involved in constitutional transitions, including strategies and tactics as well as legal instruments; and constitutional design to accommodate territorial political mobilization within democratic states, there is little work that addresses the intersection among these three issues.

This project will devote particular attention to those aspects of constitutional processes that relate to the territorial dimension of constitutional transition and design.


The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and the Forum of Federations.

Project Leads and Project Experts

Project Leads: George Anderson & Sujit Choudhry (Constitutional Transitions).

24 project experts from 13 countries.


Policy Manual and Issue Paper; 16 case-studies & 3 thematic papers; an edited volume to be published by Oxford University Press.